Passenger charter

From time to time, most companies feel a necessity of arrangements of group charters for their personnel such as seminars, forums, conferences, cooperation with regional representatives, corporate travel and many others. Urgent flights can be required for sport events, contests, training or for music tours of famous individuals. In that particular case, Comfort Sky offers the delivery service chartering regional jets, narrow and wide-body airliners (50-300 passengers).

We are pleased to offer air brokerage service for travel industry companies which might be interested in extra charter flights for their customers within high summer or holiday seasons.

Chartering a flight in our company you get:

  • Wide choice of a number of the airlines with alternative options based on your criteria: aircraft type, interior, airline reliability, quality of service along with the price level;
  • Offering you a personalized service, updating you 24 hours on the status of the flight arrangement if needed;
  • Flexible schedule;
  • Nonstop trips at almost all directions;
  • Your choice of cuisine;
  • A great opportunity of travelling with you colleagues or friends what makes your trip more comfortable and fascinating.
Tu-154 Boeing-767 A-320