Cargo charter

We acknowledge that sometimes there is a need when the scheduled operator cannot be used to deliver your Cargo. And this is where Comfort Sky will take a responsibility to find a cost effective and efficient solution. Having access to more than 400 cargo aircraft of varieties of the airlines, we arrange a charter flight into any place in the world regardless the point of origin and destination.

Heavy and outsize cargo. Large items such as building equipment, oil and gas equipment, telecommunication, mining machines, helicopters, boats, engines can be transported by workhorse freighters such as IL-76, An-12, An-124.

Urgent and AOG flights. Failures of product delivery in time can lead to the outstanding penalty provisions or even to the agreement cancellation. If shortage of time does not assume to use sea, railway transport or trucking, the cargo charter flight is the ideal logistic option.

Hazardous and Military cargo. Our air charter experts have a great experience in military charter flights (including military equipment) and dangerous goods, required to have special diplomatic clearances and even exemptions to be transported by air.

Humanitarian cargo, pharmaceuticals/medicines. When there is no time to lose, to deliver humanitarian cargo into the war risk zones or sensitive zones suffering from disasters whether its natural or man-made, adhoc cargo flights with ramp aircrafts (AN-12, AN-26, IL-76, AN-124) would be the most appropriate solution.

Perishables. In spite of air transportation is more expensive than sea freight or trucking, shipments of perishables or food stuff by air may be cost effective in connections with other flights or part loading with other cargo. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

An-124 An-124 loading IL-76 loading