Your personal aircraft!

Conveniences, the highest level of reliability, complete confidentiality and anonymity - these are the main advantages of chartering a jet or luxury helicopter for business flights or travelling.

Your flight can be arranged within 24 hours at your specific schedule to minimize journey times and fly where you want, when you want. We source all types of aircraft including private jets, helicopters and VIP configured airliners. We can make special arrangements for catering, security, tarmac access for limousines, immigration clearances and diplomatic formalities. VIP charter will let you to avoid lengthy transfers and delays at scheduled service hubs. During a flight you can lead negotiations with you business partners, to get prepared for meeting or just to take a break. All in all, chartered jet is at you disposal.

If you fly not more than 3-5 times a month, the best solution for you is to charter an aircraft tailored to your specific requirements rather than to purchase a jet and carry extra charges for maintenance.

The main advantage of cooperation with Comfort Sky is the minimal participation of your efforts to arrange the charter flight. We believe your time is valuable that is why we take all responsibilities on all flight arrangements or any extra services. We give our customers the peace of mind they expect and deserve as well the business jet ready to take off at required day and time.

The standard arrangement of VIP charters goes through the following stages:

  • Your flight enquiry is received by our air charter experts
  • Selection of appropriate aircraft to meet your requirements.
  • Planning stage with a discussion on your specific requirement to make your trip a luxurious travel.
  • Full commercial offer with all possible options and conditions
  • Finalization, conclusion of contract, payment procedures.
  • Traffic right process and any other formalities related.
  • Flight management onboard.
  • Your transfer to the airport.
Global Express Challenger 604 Embraer Legacy 600